Tenant Representation

Independent Tenant Advisory

Tenant representation is the backbone of the services we provide for our corporate office clients. We are independent of landlords and transactional agencies so you can be sure that our advice is impartial, without any vested interest.Following the needs analysis which defines your requirements, we prepare an accommodation brief to take to the market. After that we handle all inquiries, co-ordinate inspections and provide a shortlist of buildings, producing a final report with recommendations.

Lease negotiations

The Biggest Decision has been made. Whether it’s a new lease requirement, a renewal or lease surrender, we’ll negotiate to get you the best deal based on the agreed strategy, and take it to the house.

Independent Needs and Financial Analysis

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This is an important decision, and one that can only be made with all the facts to hand. We carry out a full analysis, weighing up the option of staying against moving and recommend a strategy based on your goals and those findings.You can be confident that we will deliver concise, independent advice which you can rely upon to make an informed business decision regarding your property strategy.