Business Brokerage

As a former CPA, I understand your business is probably the biggest asset you own and for most, maybe the only time you'll ever sell a business in your lifetime.

Get your business valuation today, and get started on the journey to maximize the value of your sale, with the discretion that you want, and within a time frame that meets your personal goals.

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Selling your Business

When you are considering selling your business it is imperative that you contact the right brokerage company, one with the technical qualifications, and experience in the market to be able to advise you competently and has the reputation of achieving the Best Price in the Shortest Possible Time. The decision to sell your business is one of the most important you will ever make. That’s why your decision warrants nothing but the best in planning, attention to detail and professional consultation. Above all, be aware of the broker who will attempt to gain the listing by suggesting an inflated and unrealistic price and then blaming market influences for not achieving that result.For most businesses, particular care must be taken to protect confidentiality in marketing the business. This avoids potential damage to relationships that can arise from staff, customers, suppliers or competitors knowing that your business is for sale.

Buying a Business

We believe there are 12 Key steps to buying a business. Firstly assess your situation. This includes background, work experience, level of family commitment and financial situation in order to help gauge the right kind of business for you. Secondly you will need to appoint an accountant to advise you on your legal structure, funding, taxation, keeping accurate records and the process of due diligence. But more of that later. Thirdly Ask to see how they present their businesses for sale. You will easily recognize a good broker from the effort and pride they take in presenting the information.Remember the more information you are given upfront, the less your accountants’ fees will be. and the quicker your financier will be able make a quick informed decision at the best interest rate. The less prepared you are, the more in other professional fees it will cost you. We step through steps 4 though 12 on an individual basis, to ensure we put our best foot forward with every customer.